Our mission:

To work with existing institutions, locally, nationally and internationally, to develop and integrate the therapeutic garden and Horticultural Therapy practice into health facilities and communities through both design and personal/group therapy. Our aim is to be altruistic to the healing of mental health through proper practice, end of stigma communication, and social integration.

Who we are:

We are a scientifically proven system for healing in mental health. We work closely with professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians and naturalpathic doctors and other therapist for diagnosis, treatment and prescription of therapeutic gardens and the patients they help heal. We also work with a network of Horticultural Therapists and Therapeutic developers to improve the development and strategies around healing gardens. Horticulture therapy can be split into three categories: vocational, social, and therapeutic. We work in all three areas in the development and design of Therapeutic (Therapy) Gardens. Our current initiative is to work with Homeless youth to make the urban environment a safer place for all.

Why we do it:

To change the urban environment for the betterment of all through Therapeutic (Therapy) Gardens.

Our initiative's working together

- Homeless and at-risk youth initiative
- Feed a community initiative
- Improve safety through beautification
- The urban revival
- Improving Health recovery through Horticultural Therapy
- Integration of Elders in the community